Why Hire an On-Call General Counsel

Why Hire an On-Call General Counsel

What you don’t know could cost you. Eliminate the surprise factor in legal expenses. You could get more (experience) for less (cost), in real time.

You can free your team to focus on areas of their true expertise.

Legal solutions are only the beginning. A general counsel

  • is a strategic business partner who understands your business, helps you execute your strategy and mitigates risk.
  • helps improve your bottom line and protect you, your company and other company stakeholders.
  • provides versatile, practical and strategic counsel tailored to your business goals to tackle the entire spectrum of issues at stake.
  • anticipates and spots issues early, to mitigate risks of costly litigation and enforcement proceedings.
  • efficiently triages and marshals critical legal and business support in crisis and challenging circumstances.
  • is as comfortable conducting formal board meetings as with handling on the spot yet accurate advice.
  • designs global legal strategies tailored for your business (intellectual property, litigation, international corporate structure).
  • provides accurate budgets and forecasts for legal and regulatory matters, manages key levers of legal costs and liabilities.


With the right general counsel, you will realize value for your business and save on unnecessary expenses and liabilities.

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